The best app to learn how to sing: Singing is fun again

Learn to sing the right way is easy now: Try out Sawti. Use this app and find your singing voice. The new app from Vienna is now available for iOS and Android. The first three levels are free of charge. Get a free trial. You will love this app. 

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Singing is often neglected in music classes in school. Thats why Sawti offers Kids and beginners an easy and playful way to become a confident singer. The App is based on the musical teaching experience of Prof. Gerald Wirth, the director of the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

New singing app: How Sawti works

Hit the bars Screenshot

Sing in tune and find your voice

Sawti is simple to use and provides proper warm-up and vocal training. Just plug the eahrphones into your smartphone and after a first recording to find the pitch of your voice you can start to improve your singing.

A tutor sings first – then its your turn. Try to sing in tune. Four different approaches are available until you feel confident.  

Improve your singing: control your voice

Sing a note. Then you see if you´re singing in tune. We use the well-known Hit the bar-concept where the ball moves with the pitch of your voice. Make sure to hit the bars to successfully finish an exercise.

Notes, Intonation, Rhythm: Sawti gives Feedback in real time. Intelligent software makes it possible. Now its time to collect points for your singing skills. Repetition makes you a better singer: An exercise is finished when you were hitting the right notes three times. 

Sawti Screenshot - Get feedback
Sawti app screenshot - Learning path

Learn to sing – and track your progress

You will start with single tones, followed by easy phrases and songs as well as rhythm exercises. Want to learn? Try to sing melodies, first shorter ones, then longer ones. We have designed nine different levels in this app to help you develop youre vocal skills. Each one is designed to the pitch of your voice, which makes it easier to practise singing. Its a great way to improve and feel comfortable doing so. 

Songs to learn for you:

* Frère Jacques * Bingo
* Freude schöner Götterfunken * Alphabet song
* Glockenjodler * If you’re happy and you know it
* Das klinget so herrlich * I like the flowers
* My Bonnie lies over the ocean
* Old MacDonald had a farm

Practise singing collecting points

Warm up, sing along, try and try: Because learning to sing is cool and fun. For every exercise completed you will be rewarded with points. Collect as many as possible.

After you see yourself improve you will receive a certificate. Bravo!

Sawti app screenshot - earn points

Learn to sing: The story behind Sawti

Improve vocal skills

Prof. Gerald Wirth is the mastermind behind Sawti. Being a good singing teacher and improving the singing ability of his pupils has always been of great concern to him. Thats what he does every day as director of the world famous vienna boys choir. Many apps pretend to be great singing apps, but only Sawti is based on the Wirth-method, based on his long years of experience as a music and singing educationist. The App was produced and implemented by the Viennese MusicTech company PhonicScore. 

Gerald Wirth - Wiener Sängerknaben

A singing lesson for refugees

Supported by

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Vienna Boys Choir

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Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior

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The project Music for Hope was co-funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior

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